So Don’t Agree with Liberals = “White Supremacist”


So the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) has deemed that Steve Bannon is a racist and supports the “Alt-Right” movement, based on a few things he’s said in the past (via his wife in divorce court). Hmmm?

First the SPLC was normally used by the FBI to determine “hate groups” around the USA (maybe even the world, but who gives a crap about anything but the USA). They’ve never officially endorsed them as their official source but has been using them for quite some time.

The thing about the SPLC is they lean heavy (if not fallen off the cliff already) to Liberal left (tons of proof about this on google) and will deem anything that they do not agree with as racist or hate.

What’s their main focus, Trump’s appointment of a good man named Steve Bannon from Breitbart News.

I’ve listened to Breitbart Radio on Sirius for quite sometime now and Steve Bannon has been the host for a while. I have NEVER heard a racist or bigoted remark out of the man, ever. Because he preaches American Nationalism, he will get all kinds listening and backing him.

Celebrities, politicians and internet sensations can’t control who endorses, listens and likes them. Sure they can denounce certain groups and people, but these types of people (like Bannon) thrive on people, so its best for them to just keep quiet on the matter and keep saying, “I can’t help who likes me”.

In fact, I am done here. I wanted to write more about this, but no matter what I say or proof I provide with various statements about how good of a person Steve is to people, Liberals will always bounce back, because there is no reasoning with LibTards.

God Bless America and NO ONE ELSE!


Great Cheat Sheet, Who’s for or against Trump!


Here is a great resource that is said to be updated as the information comes in about who is actually backing Donald Trump and who’s against him.

Its interesting to see how much of the Republican party has broken their so called Pledge to back the candidate for the General Election. Make sure to check this link and check it often. We need to know whom we can trust, and more importantly, vote out of their position (if they indeed have one).

God Bless America.. and NO ONE ELSE!

Yes, a vote third party or no vote is a vote for Hillary.


I saw this article the other day while looking around facebook:

Its written by Brandon Craig aka the “Reformed Layman” and it burned my ass (yes I have no problem writing words like that, get used to it, don’t liked? Get lost).

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