Loving your country, BANNED. Sorry.


Or should I say, its coming to it.

We’ve all seen various reports in the news about home owners being told to take down their American flags, because it violates some stupid buried rule that no one would ever thing would happen, but because some foreign person decided, that the country they live in oppresses them and want America to look like the crap hole they came from.

Logical, right?


Why would you leave a country, that you are treated like trash with poor conditions to a better place, but in turn only want that better place to mimic the place you just left?


Just when you think things can’t get worse, the following report comes up about a high school banning the flag at sporting events, because it might offend THE OTHER AMERICAN PEOPLE.

EAG News reports, On Friday, Travelers Rest High School principal Lou Lavely banned students from carrying American flags into a football game against Berea High School, because a lot of students at Berea are Hispanic. Lavely contends the American flag could have been used to taunt those students, WNCN reports.
“Some events at last evening’s football game have resulted in concerns being raised in our community. I am writing to assure that any decisions made regarding American flags being permitted into the game were made in the best interests of all attending the game and in the spirit of patriotism and respect for our flag,” Lavely wrote in response to Facebook backlash about the ban, which turned away several students who came to the game with American flags.

“Any decision to not allow the American flag to be used in an improper ‘taunting,’ unsportsmanlike manner is first and foremost in the interests of promoting the safety and well-being of all in attendance at school events. This decision would be made anytime that the American flag, or any other symbol, sign, cheer, or action on the part of our fans would potentially compromise the safety of all in attendance at a school event.”
Lavely’s prepared statement assured community members that officials “have the utmost respect for our flag and strive to display the highest levels of patriotism,” and the school supports veterans, but the potential for taunting was too much to allow the American flag inside of the stadium.

If that prepared statement was truthful, then the flag waiving at the event, would be considered harmless and not hurting everyone. All the students were American, and if the parents were not, they were in the process of BECOMING A CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

This stuff needs to stop.

Small little instances like this and the American Flag will be sitting along side the Confederate Flag, displaying in a museum, in that dark corner of “shamed American history”.

This is what Liberals want.

They want to shame our history and make a new one in their image, where everyone is happy, holding hands and dancing in a big stupid circle, forgetting how they got there and are able to do that!

While that’s a great dream, one has to remember how you are able do that little stupid circle dance.




Elect Hillary and you will see this happen nation wide.

Mark my words, you will.

God Bless America and NO ONE ELSE!



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