This election is about Nationalism, America is great!

This election is not really about a party system, but its about Globalists vs Nationalist, not the race of Democrats vs Republicans anymore. Why do I say this? Well, we have seen people from both parties align with a party that is totally opposite of their beliefs as they claim to be, Globalism.

Let’s break down the two, and show how each candidate relates:


Americans should be standing as a Nationalist, but apparently loving your country is now considered racist.

I find this interesting because this is now a new thing of, “loving your country” is now a bad thing.

In the ’80s, during the Reagan era, we loved America and it was more then acceptable to love your country. People hung their American pride out like it was an every day parade going on, as we battled Russia in what was one of the defining moments in our history as capitalism defeated communism!

 America was the place to be if you wanted freedom or the “American Dream” everyone in the world heard about.

So what happened?

Everyone and their mother decided, “let’s go to America to live”.

This is great?

Yes and no.

The yes, if these folks coming over did it correctly or legally.

Sadly most did not, as following a process was “annoying” or “time consuming”.

So a lot of those people got here, applied for their temporary citizenship, let it expire and never left, while others just found ways to sneak into the country because of “open boarders”.

Time passing along and suddenly, there became a shift in how these immigrants felt about America and we decided to appease them as they wanted what our culture and beliefs to bend to what they were used to living like.

Yeah, the craphole was so bad that you had to leave it, but now you want the US to look like said craphole?


I am sick and tired of waking up each day only to find out, “sorry but remember how you loved to do this… WELL now you can’t, because … became offended and the government has now deemed this unacceptable, please stop it!”

Displaying our American flag is now considered hateful and racist.

What can we do as America slides into this pit of crud and PCism.

Author Ann Coulter wrote a book and said it best, “Adios America

We do have a glimmer of hope, a chance to bring back what once was a great nation.

A chance to “Make America Great, AGAIN!”.

That hope is with Donald Trump.

If he loses the election, we lose our core values of a great nation, as we will lose the supreme court to liberal appointed judges and then we lose America.

Do you want to lose America? I certainly don’t.

I am praying to God himself for help to save our country.

God Bless America, and NO ONE ELSE!


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