So we’re all racists now? Huh?


Hillary’s speech yesterday marked a new low for her campaign drive to the White House as she decided that EVERYONE that follows Breitbart News Daily and those that support Trump are part of the “ALT-Right” movement.

In case anyone is not sure what the Alt-Right Movement is, I will quickly throw up a description here:

First, what it is not. The alt-right is not a traditional, hierarchical political movement. It is not rooted in a single organization, founding alliance or ideology.
But at its grassroots, the alt-right is animated by many of the same class, gender and racial anxieties that have helped fuel right-wing nationalist movements across Europe and, as Trump’s critics argue, the Republican nominee himself.
So.. because we are white, we support Trump and love our country, we are automatically racist assholes?
What about you Hillary? You support Black Lives Matters (BLM), a hate group that was petitioned by the America people to be declared a Domestic Terrorist Group, but of course our Instigator in Chief, Obama responded by telling the America people “no”.
Fine he said no, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a racist organization, there is various articles to support they are, such as:
Hillary Supports them, by bring up the mothers of Trayvon Martin, the Florida teen killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer; Eric Garner, a New York man killed in a choke-hold by police; Sandra Bland, a woman who died in a Texas jail after a traffic arrest; and Michael Brown, whose killing by Ferguson, Mo., police in 2014 launched a national outcry at the height of the most recent campaign season on the stage of the DNC to speak on her behalf.
While I don’t like to see anyone die, those that did were not so “innocent” as they claim, look at their social media, look at their arrest records, you will see what I am talking about.
So, again, who are the racists here?
Certainly not me, certainly not Trump supporters.
Its Hillary.
God Bless America… and NO ONE ELSE!

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