White Privilege, I think not!


First things first, doing a google search of the term, gives us this:


So with that said, I have an issue with people who spout this out loud, followed by an example I’ve experienced here at work.

Nope, I will not tell you where I work but I will say this, its an office environment, we all sit behind a desk, and most people have a cube or a small office of their own.

Anyhow, a white male who worked for me, was terminated from his job for making an inappropriate off colored joke, claiming he “asked permission” before saying the joke to the person and they gave permission to him. Great, I said to him, what about the other 4 to 5 people around that person? No? Oh well.

Anyhow, people became offended by the comment and decided to go to HR, and the investigation, took all of 3 days before they walked this person out for “racists speech” and “creating a hostile work environment”.

3 days, and management could not wait to get rid of this “racist white male”.

Fast Forward a few weeks now and in the news is about the police officers getting murdered by various “people” left and right.

A black female in the office spouts off, “Oh look another racist white cop getting what he deserves, good they should all be killed”.

She’s at this point considered a “cop hater” for all intense purposes of this post.

This offends various people of various races because they have family members or friends that are police officers. One woman stands up to this “cop hater” and tells her off, storming out of the office to keep her composure in tact.

She complains to management about the issue and what happens?

They have a talk with the “cop hater” and send her back to work like nothing happened.

Now this “cop hater” is aware this woman complained, so she starts making various indirect threatening remarks to the woman that was offended and complained about her. Saying things about how she needs to talk to various people “how to get rid of a bitch” and how she needs to get “rid of the ghost”.

This woman now feels threatened in her work place, because now its a hostile work environment.

She complains to management about not feeling safe and what do they do?

Talk to the “cop hater” again and then move her desk away from the woman who feels threatened.

The “cop hater” now storms out of the office saying she will contact an lawyer about her mistreatment.


Right, spouting off about how you hate cops and wish they die, then threatening and making a fellow co-worker feel unsafe in the work environment AND STILL KEEPING YOUR DANG JOB AFTER ALL THAT IS…


So finally the woman who felt threatened, goes to HR and makes a complaint.

HR comes in, investigates for a few days. Asks questions, does their thing.

3 weeks have gone by now, this “cop hater” still works here, the offended now feeling threatened for her life (who now at this point has her husband accompany her to work) is jumping at various sounds and is withdrawn inside herself (no longer social) has to sit here and deal with it.

Seems fair, huh?

End of story.







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