Yes, a vote third party or no vote is a vote for Hillary.


I saw this article the other day while looking around facebook:

Its written by Brandon Craig aka the “Reformed Layman” and it burned my ass (yes I have no problem writing words like that, get used to it, don’t liked? Get lost).

Reading his POOR excuses for not feeling the “guilt trip” as he calls it, is just plan nuts. Why would anyone in their right mind, who has any value in the future of this country, (America folks, because who cares about the rest) WASTE their vote on a third party or not vote at all. I like to call the latter option, “Take my ball home because no one wanted to play the game the way I wanted it.”

You’re probably saying, “screw you VJ, I can vote for whomever I want!” AND YOU ARE 100% correct, you can vote for whomever you want, but sometimes in life, you have to suck it up and think about the future and your fellow Americans. Sure Donald Trump isn’t THEE best option out there to some people, but he’s a better option then Hillary. No?

Let me further explain how a vote for third party or no voting at all will basically hand the Presidency to Hillary.

Okay, here we go.. let’s time travel back to the 1992 election. Remember that election? George HW Bush vs Bill Clinton. Ol’ George was up for re-election and it should have been a no brainer for him, but along came that dumb ass, Ross Perot screaming and touting a lot of things against establishment candidates. He convinced millions of Americans he was the right choice (almost 20% in the General Election) to vote for him. Three quarters of those voters were people fed up with Republicans or just didn’t like Bush. What happened? Let’s take a look:


We see that Ross Perot dragged the numbers Bush needed to win the election to give old Slick Willy the win and screw the country for 8 years.

If those people (at least the 75%) who WASTED their vote on Perot had voted for Bush, he would have won, not by much, but he would have won.

Here we are, 2016 and we are on the verge of a similar situation!

A possible third party situation, admittedly not as popular as Perot, we have Gary Johnson (go ahead and read about him, because I am sure you’ve never really heard about him, unless you are a Libertarian).

While this turd won’t pull in the numbers that Perot had in ’92, its enough that “The Donald” could lose the election.

So in closing, its important you suck it up when you enter that voting booth, and check off Donald Trump for President. Hold your nose, pray to God for forgiveness, do whatever you need to do with yourself to get it done. Think about the future of this country as you go to vote, because if Hillary wins the election, you can say good bye to most of the rights we have guaranteed to us by the Constitution, as possibly three Supreme Court Justices can be determined in the next 4  years, and do we want Hillary picking Liberal Justices, that could further destroy our country for all time? I hope not.

God Bless America and No One Else!


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