So Don’t Agree with Liberals = “White Supremacist”


So the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) has deemed that Steve Bannon is a racist and supports the “Alt-Right” movement, based on a few things he’s said in the past (via his wife in divorce court). Hmmm?

First the SPLC was normally used by the FBI to determine “hate groups” around the USA (maybe even the world, but who gives a crap about anything but the USA). They’ve never officially endorsed them as their official source but has been using them for quite some time.

The thing about the SPLC is they lean heavy (if not fallen off the cliff already) to Liberal left (tons of proof about this on google) and will deem anything that they do not agree with as racist or hate.

What’s their main focus, Trump’s appointment of a good man named Steve Bannon from Breitbart News.

I’ve listened to Breitbart Radio on Sirius for quite sometime now and Steve Bannon has been the host for a while. I have NEVER heard a racist or bigoted remark out of the man, ever. Because he preaches American Nationalism, he will get all kinds listening and backing him.

Celebrities, politicians and internet sensations can’t control who endorses, listens and likes them. Sure they can denounce certain groups and people, but these types of people (like Bannon) thrive on people, so its best for them to just keep quiet on the matter and keep saying, “I can’t help who likes me”.

In fact, I am done here. I wanted to write more about this, but no matter what I say or proof I provide with various statements about how good of a person Steve is to people, Liberals will always bounce back, because there is no reasoning with LibTards.

God Bless America and NO ONE ELSE!


Can President Trump, Ban Muslims – You Betcha.

In 1952, Congress passed something called the Immigration and Nationality Act. It has been amended dozens of times subsequently, and currently exists as a 600-page behemoth with lots of very specific rules.

There is one section, 212(f), that is particularly relevant to the Muslim ban. It sets out criteria for “excludable aliens” — which non-citizens the president can choose, using executive powers, to prevent from entering the United States. Its wording is exceptionally broad:

Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or non-immigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.

Translated from legalese: The president can ban whoever he wants, however long he wants, for whatever reason he wants.

But its not that simple, because he can not say “I want to ban Muslims from the USA.” Because that would violate the First Amendment.

SO, how does he get around this, so it will hold up in a court of law?


Nationality is not a constitutionally protected class like religion is in this country, so all he would need to do, would be say, “I want exclude anyone from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan (or wherever) from coming into this country”.

Done deal.

No? Check out something called “Plenary Power” doctrine.

Go ahead, Google it. I’ll wait.

For those too lazy:

..that the political branches — the legislative and the executive — have sole power to regulate all aspects of immigration as a basic attribute of sovereignty.

This basically gives the executive branch the power to regulate immigration as he sees fit for this country based on nationality.

Real simple, you have a passport from Saudi, or Iraq, or a Pakistan — sorry, no immigration into America for you.

NOW this will also ban Christians in those nations as well, something he will have to consider if he wants to ban entire nationalities from coming in the country.

What’s even easier then all of this, cut funding to the departments that process the immigration from certain countries, thus reducing staff, which reduces the amount of people able to process the entire thing, holding up things for years on end, until they give up.

God Bless America and NO ONE ELSE!

America is on path to greatness, AGAIN!


I’d like to congratulate Mister Trump on his successful win in becoming the 45th President of the United States of America!

We now have a STRONG leader in place, and we WILL NOT bow to other countries every again.

We have the keys to kingdom, (house, senate and White House) which will help ERASE the last 8 years of bullshit this country has gone through.

That’s all I wanted to say today.

God Bless America and NO ONE ELSE!

Trump’s immigration by points.


Recap of Donald Trump’s historic speech on immigration.


  • Mr. Trump explained his supporters to those voters who are wary of them and their perceived anti-immigrant views. “These are valid concerns expressed by decent and patriotic citizens,” he said. We do not usually hear him speaking like this – in a sense speaking directly to those who fear him as much as the the audience right in front of him.
  • Trump ticked through the names of three Americans who were killed by undocumented immigrants. These are staples of his speeches and familiar to his audiences at this stage of the campaign. He has held them up as examples of an immigration system run amok with tragic consequences.
  • Trump made the case that elites in Washington and in the media have put the wrong focus on the immigration debate – by emphasizing the plight of an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants in the country, not the Americans impacted by their presence. “Anyone who tells you that the core issues is the needs of those living here illegally has simply spent too much time in Washington. Only the out of touch media elites think the biggest problems facing American society today is that there are 11 illegal immigrants who don’t have legal status.”


Here’s Trump’s plan for combating illegal immigration, boiled down to its simplest elements:


  1. Build the wall.
  1. End catch and release policy for undocumented immigrants and instead return them to their country of origin.
  1. Have zero tolerance for undocumented immigrants who have committed a crime. He will deport them.
  1. Triple number of deportation officers at the department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
  1. Repeal President Obama’s executive orders that temporarily protected undocumented immigrants from deportation and authorized them to receive work permit.
  1. Stop issuing visas to any country where “adequate screening cannot occur” that might endanger national security.
  1. Ensure foreign countries take back deported immigrants from the United States: Mr. Trump said 23 countries refuse to do so.
  1. Complete a bio-metric entry and exit visa tracking system under development. “It will be on land, it will be on sea, it will be in the air,” he said.

Some Other Points/Highlights:

  • Comparing himself to Hillary Clinton, who he maligned throughout the speech, Mr. Trump asked: “What do you have to lose? Chose me.” It was an echo of a much mocked question he asked black voters recently.
  • “Maybe they’ll be able to deport her.” Mr. Trump provocatively wondered whether its possible to send Mrs. Clinton out of the country.
  • A memorable passage from this speech: “Our message to the world will be this: You cannot obtain legal status or become a citizen of the United States by illegally entering our country. Can’t do it. This declaration alone will stop the crisis of illegal crossing. You can’t just smuggle in, hunker down and wait to be legalized. Those days are over.”
  • Mr. Trump invited onto the stage the mothers and fathers of Americans whose children were killed by undocumented immigrants. He asked each to describe their children and how they died. He then kissed many of them on the cheek. It was the most emotional moment of the speech. “If you don’t vote Trump, we won’t have a country,” one of the mother told the audience.


God Bless America and NO ONE ELSE!

Loving your country, BANNED. Sorry.


Or should I say, its coming to it.

We’ve all seen various reports in the news about home owners being told to take down their American flags, because it violates some stupid buried rule that no one would ever thing would happen, but because some foreign person decided, that the country they live in oppresses them and want America to look like the crap hole they came from.

Logical, right?


Why would you leave a country, that you are treated like trash with poor conditions to a better place, but in turn only want that better place to mimic the place you just left?


Just when you think things can’t get worse, the following report comes up about a high school banning the flag at sporting events, because it might offend THE OTHER AMERICAN PEOPLE.

EAG News reports, On Friday, Travelers Rest High School principal Lou Lavely banned students from carrying American flags into a football game against Berea High School, because a lot of students at Berea are Hispanic. Lavely contends the American flag could have been used to taunt those students, WNCN reports.
“Some events at last evening’s football game have resulted in concerns being raised in our community. I am writing to assure that any decisions made regarding American flags being permitted into the game were made in the best interests of all attending the game and in the spirit of patriotism and respect for our flag,” Lavely wrote in response to Facebook backlash about the ban, which turned away several students who came to the game with American flags.

“Any decision to not allow the American flag to be used in an improper ‘taunting,’ unsportsmanlike manner is first and foremost in the interests of promoting the safety and well-being of all in attendance at school events. This decision would be made anytime that the American flag, or any other symbol, sign, cheer, or action on the part of our fans would potentially compromise the safety of all in attendance at a school event.”
Lavely’s prepared statement assured community members that officials “have the utmost respect for our flag and strive to display the highest levels of patriotism,” and the school supports veterans, but the potential for taunting was too much to allow the American flag inside of the stadium.

If that prepared statement was truthful, then the flag waiving at the event, would be considered harmless and not hurting everyone. All the students were American, and if the parents were not, they were in the process of BECOMING A CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

This stuff needs to stop.

Small little instances like this and the American Flag will be sitting along side the Confederate Flag, displaying in a museum, in that dark corner of “shamed American history”.

This is what Liberals want.

They want to shame our history and make a new one in their image, where everyone is happy, holding hands and dancing in a big stupid circle, forgetting how they got there and are able to do that!

While that’s a great dream, one has to remember how you are able do that little stupid circle dance.




Elect Hillary and you will see this happen nation wide.

Mark my words, you will.

God Bless America and NO ONE ELSE!


This election is about Nationalism, America is great!

This election is not really about a party system, but its about Globalists vs Nationalist, not the race of Democrats vs Republicans anymore. Why do I say this? Well, we have seen people from both parties align with a party that is totally opposite of their beliefs as they claim to be, Globalism.

Let’s break down the two, and show how each candidate relates:


Americans should be standing as a Nationalist, but apparently loving your country is now considered racist.

I find this interesting because this is now a new thing of, “loving your country” is now a bad thing.

In the ’80s, during the Reagan era, we loved America and it was more then acceptable to love your country. People hung their American pride out like it was an every day parade going on, as we battled Russia in what was one of the defining moments in our history as capitalism defeated communism!

 America was the place to be if you wanted freedom or the “American Dream” everyone in the world heard about.

So what happened?

Everyone and their mother decided, “let’s go to America to live”.

This is great?

Yes and no.

The yes, if these folks coming over did it correctly or legally.

Sadly most did not, as following a process was “annoying” or “time consuming”.

So a lot of those people got here, applied for their temporary citizenship, let it expire and never left, while others just found ways to sneak into the country because of “open boarders”.

Time passing along and suddenly, there became a shift in how these immigrants felt about America and we decided to appease them as they wanted what our culture and beliefs to bend to what they were used to living like.

Yeah, the craphole was so bad that you had to leave it, but now you want the US to look like said craphole?


I am sick and tired of waking up each day only to find out, “sorry but remember how you loved to do this… WELL now you can’t, because … became offended and the government has now deemed this unacceptable, please stop it!”

Displaying our American flag is now considered hateful and racist.

What can we do as America slides into this pit of crud and PCism.

Author Ann Coulter wrote a book and said it best, “Adios America

We do have a glimmer of hope, a chance to bring back what once was a great nation.

A chance to “Make America Great, AGAIN!”.

That hope is with Donald Trump.

If he loses the election, we lose our core values of a great nation, as we will lose the supreme court to liberal appointed judges and then we lose America.

Do you want to lose America? I certainly don’t.

I am praying to God himself for help to save our country.

God Bless America, and NO ONE ELSE!

Congress can prevent immigration..


Because, our own rules that govern the land, The Constitution says we can!

People argue that we can’t stop immigration into our country, well I beg to differ, because our congress can do that by voting and there is nothing anyone can do about it.


Article I, Section 8, Clause 4 states



Article I, Section 8, Clause 4 of the Constitution empowers Congress to “establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization” – or, more simply stated, to make universal rules about giving foreign-born residents of the United States the “privileges of native” born residents.

That being said, could Congress decided that anyone coming into this country, that wants to be a citizen have to:

  • Learn English
  • Not be from a certain country

They most certainly can do that.

Do I support the two I’ve listed? YES

English – Yes, I do support everyone coming into this country should learn basic English and we should not cater to anyone. I don’t expect someone who’s never spoke the language pick it up over night, but I do expect them to take classes and provide proof of doing so while applying for citizenship, and in doing so, pass a test to qualify for citizenship to this country.

Certain Country – This one is a tough one, but congress can declare that people from a certain country can not migrate to the United States. Has this been done? Nope, will it ever be done, I doubt congress would have the balls to do it. But I support closing our boarders and vetting everyone who comes in for a while.

These are my views, don’t like ’em? Go else where.

God Bless America and NO ONE ELSE!